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Alamgir Hashmi is said to have been born in this part of Planet Earth and trained, persuasively, formally and informally, to stay on here. His serious learning began as a child, at the home of his parents, who taught him many fine things of life including reading, writing, and listening, so that he would begin to hear the music of the spheres from early on. Later he chose his company, schools, and places to be according to his abiding interests, and went on to write mainly in different forms of poetry and prose, and to teach (subjects like language, literature, culture, interdisciplinary studies, and theory). Perhaps better known as an English poet, he has been a professor of English and comparative literature, an editor of literary and scholarly journals, a scholar-critic, a broadcaster, a translator, long lapsed lay minstrel, and a weekend canoeist. His work spans nearly all continents, for over five decades now, and he lives wherever his work lives. He acknowledges life as a gift.