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Other Works


A.   as author:

       a. creative contributions

           In Cordoba

           Sun and Moon

           Only the Sea Keeps

           According to the Scriptures


           Taxila / Margalla

           The Other Voices International


           The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry

           The Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry in Anthologies


[This listing is limited to electronic availability. Hashmi's many creative contributions to journals and books mostly are on the printed page.]



       b. scholarly contributions to journals and books

           Current Pakistani Fiction


For further titles, please look up:


           MLA International Bibliography

           Literature Online

           American Humanities Index

           British Humanities Index

           Bibliography of Asian Studies

           Gale Virtual Reference Library

           Social Sciences Index

           Cambridge Scientific Abstracts


B.   as editor, advisory editor, contributing editor, regional representative, regional editor, member of editorial board, etc., 1970- :


       a. journals

           The Ravi, Folio, English Magazine, Explorations, Helix, Kunapipi,

           The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, Crosscurrent, Pacific Quarterly,

           Commonwealth Novel in English, World Literature Today, etc.


       b. works of reference

           The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry in English

           Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English

           The Blackwell Companion to Twentieth-Century Theatre

           Annotated Bibliography of English Studies


C.   as guest editor:  

           The New Quarterly (USA), 3:1 (1978)

           Pakistani Literature (Pakistan), 2:1 (1993)

           ARIEL (Canada), 29:1 (1998)


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