A Choice of Hashmi's Verse



(Oxford University Press, 1997)

ISBN: 0 19 577813 8


"Hashmi's poems work delicacy kept in place and tension by an underlying sense of patience. The wit and the short lines he frequently uses, with a light-footed pace, strengthen these qualities."  Jon Silkin

"World traveller and wry postmodernist, Hashmi is an emblematic poet of the late twentieth century, an uneasy lover stranded in an 'off-moonlight', a sceptic who can still taste the possibility of 'perhaps'. There is a persistent lyric resource in these poems that redeems the times. They are clear-eyed and compassionate, unflinching in their celebration of the 'ephemeral verities'."  Roger Garfitt

"Alamgir Hashmi's poems are a delight-sinuous and assured, serious with a light touch, full of character, surprise, authenticity. I read them with intense pleasure."  Ted Hughes